Bereft and Blessed

Bereft and Blessed, Joan Seliger Sidney's third book of poems, focuses on the author's heritage, which is dominated by the Holocaust in Europe, during which many of her forebears lost their lives, and on the author's own personal holocaust caused by Multiple Sclerosis with which she has been afflicted since her mid-twenties. She has been doubly bereft. But because of the way she has come to terms with both forms of holocaust by writing about them and prevailing despite them she has been doubly blessed.

Published by Antrim House.

Body of Diminishing Motion

This collection of poems and memoir is the second title from Laurel Books, CavanKerry’s Literature of Illness imprint which features poetry and prose that explores the many poignant issues associated with confronting serious physical and/or psychological illness. Sidney speaks to the author’s experiences living with multiple sclerosis for four decades, as well as her personal legacy as the daughter of a strong-willed Holocaust survivor. Body of Diminishing Motion will speak to anyone who has been touched by illness and refused to succumb to its power.

Published by CavanKerry Press.

Fast Funny Women cover

Fast Funny Women

These seventy-five flash nonfiction pieces written by internationally celebrated women authors and dazzlingly hilarious newcomers, are no flashes in the pan: they provide a feast of insights, generously garnished with wit, spice and an exhilarating attention to craft. In Fast Funny Women, you’ll find everything you want from thoughtful essays in a short, delicious form. Perfect for students of writing, writers of humor, and all readers who welcome laughter, insight, and perspective into their lives.

This collection includes Joan's essay, "I Married a Mathematician."

Learn more at Woodhall Press.

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